Brandi Nicole Williams, a DePaul University graduate, is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. While those who have crossed her path may view her life as one of random twists and turns, she'd like to think of it as a riveting, intricate, suspenseful, sometimes effortless, transitional ballroom dance filled with high kicks and perhaps an occasional split! Having often danced to the beat of her own drum, she one day danced her way into the arms of her Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, and has been learning to dance to His rhythm ever since.

Brandi completed her Master's degree in 2012. In her research studies on Theology & Fashion, she proposed fashion to be a tool to engage young women with biblical principles on body image and self esteem. Brandi has been empowering women and girls with  laughter, advice, and personal testimony since 2004. She is the author of Legs Down, Prayers Up.

Unbeknownst to many, Brandi loves to host in-home gatherings.  She has had the opportunity to extend her gift of hospitality to celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Andre 3000, Fantasia, and Michael Jordan, just to name a few. With quite the spectrum of skills and experiences, Brandi's resume includes service to local ministries, non-profits, schools, promotional companies, and artists.

While attending graduate school at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Brandi received honor and recognition for having shown great passion and desire in the area of racial reconciliation. Her efforts continue as she is often consulted by ministry colleagues and seeks to pursue further educational opportunities that bring social and economic justice to black and brown communities. In fact, Brandi was recently accepted to Eastern University and will begin her doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership in the fall of 2020.

B. Nicole, as some call her, is a full time entrepreneur and is dedicated to equipping and empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve peace of mind, productivity, and profitability in their personal and business lives. As Principal Consultant of BTL Solutions, Brandi identifies process improvement opportunities, makes recommendations, and creates strategies for faith based entrepreneurs, leaders, and businesses.

In her spare time Brandi can be found journaling and sipping coffee. She also enjoys dancing, dining, cooking, and making collages as well. Affirmations, audio books, and butterflies are dear to her heart and she longs for the day when she will have her own personal tree house for self-retreat.

Friends call her an urban exegete, giver of truth with grace, and one who knows herself. Always found to be quite intentional, relatable, and transparent, Brandi is truly a round-the-way girl who never lets you forget that she's from the south side of Chicago!

Brandi is a licensed minister, 40 under 40 award recipient of the Young Women's Professional League, Landmark Worldwide graduate, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and will soon be the recipient of a Certificate of Business in Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.


Nashville, TN, USA


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