About the Organizer

Brandi N. Williams is a highly observant problem solver and clear communicator. She has been leading transformation in the lives of youth, women, and college students for nearly 15 years. Through keynote presentations and workshop facilitation, Brandi has focused on key personal development topics such as leadership, faith, job-readiness, relationship building, and confidence. In 2016, Brandi merged this experience with her love for entrepreneurs. She began facilitating entrepreneurship development classes in partnership with organizations such as Sunshine Enterprise, Crain's Business Week Chicago, and Corner to Corner. Since that time, Brandi has impacted over 100 entrepreneurs in the development of their brands and businesses.

In January of 2019, Brandi founded B' The Light Enterprise (BTL). BTL is dedicated to equipping and empowering individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders to win in life & leadership. This will be accomplished 3 ways:

1. BTL Solutions: Start-up Coaching & Organizational Consulting

2. BTL Media: A showcase platform for entrepreneurs & leaders.

3. BTL University: A hub for personal & spiritual development tools.

The leading arm, BTL Solutions, services small business owners, non-profit directors, and ministry leaders by helping them to achieve increased peace of mind, productivity, and profitability. We do this by identifying and bridging gaps within their organizational structures, and improving business processes. Click HERE to learn more! 

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